Architect Benta Wiley’s sensitive approach to design projects has assisted her growth as a sought after professional through out northern Italy and abroad. She constantly strives to add that special something to any location. No matter how big or small the situation. Budget, time and distance become a catalyst for her fantasy and design coherence.

Australian born and Milan trained. With an architectural honours’ degree from the Milan polytechnic specialising in interiors and industrial design. Benta took this preparation one step beyond scale – completing an international PhD in infrastructures; winning a selective research programme on Portuguese landscape .

She has lived and worked in Paris as a press and communications consultant in the fashion sector. Then Bologna, Italy and has now based her studio in a strategic central town: Reggio Emilia.

Her inspirations come from sources such as artwork, light and texture. Travel and memory is a common characteristic in her designs and always inherent to her approach and style.

On entering Benta’s atelier office in a 16th century convent in Reggio Emilia’s historical centre one instinctively perceives her approach to life and it’s contrasts when applied to space – play and work, light and shadow, less yet more, fast and reflective. Always ironic.

Benta is not only architect and design but also a mother of two wonderful children and social anthropologist.

Benta Wiley